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INE CCIE Routing & Switching v5 Rack

Our INE Routing & Switching v5 rack is designed to support all of the features and technologies used for the INE R&S v5 workbook. The racks consist of the same virtual and physical hardware that you will find from INE, thirty (30) Cisco Cloud Service Routers (CSR1000v) and four Cisco Catalyst 3560-24 switches with 15.x IOS.

3CDaemon TFTP server is installed on Windows remote desktop for saving and loading configs to and from TFTP server.

INE R&S v5 Topology Diagram


Now with 30 routers to match updated troubleshooting topology.

Use 802.1Q tunneling on all router Gigabit 0/1 interfaces to setup topology in any way you want. Create corresponding SVI's on switches and enable trunk allowing necessary VLANs on SW1 Fa0/1.

Fast, Easy, Remote Desktop Access

Get started quickly with fast and easy remote desktop access. All telnet connections to routers and switches have been pre-configured to automatically connect saving you a lot of time. No need to waste time connecting to each router and switch individual. Spend more time focusing on lab time instead of on setting up the console connection.


Direct Telnet / SSH access also available

TFTP server are also installed on remote PCs for saving and resotring configs.

Software and IOS Versions



IOS Version


CSR1000v R1 - R30 3.12.0S (IOS-XE) 3x GigabitEthernet
Catalyst 3560-24 SW1 - SW4 15.0(2)SE6 24x FastEthernet, 2x GigabitEthernet

Hardware Specifications for Virtual and Physical Devices






R1 CSR1000v 2560 MB 8 GB N/A
R2 CSR1000v 2560 MB 8 GB N/A
R3 CSR1000v 2560 MB 8 GB N/A
R... CSR1000v 2560 MB 8 GB N/A
R30 CSR1000v 2560 MB 8 GB N/A
SW1 3560-24TS-S Default 32 MB Default
SW2 3560-24TS-S Default 32 MB Default
SW3 3560-24TS-S Default 32 MB Default
SW4 3560-24TS-S Default 32 MB Default

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