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Hall of Fame

CCIE Hall of Fame emblemA sample of customers who have succeeded in passing the lab exam and getting their CCIE number.

Congratulations to each and every one!

Outstanding achievement, inspiration, and example for all of us. Let us know when you get your number so you can be included in our Hall of Fame as well :)

  • Aamir Zaheer, CCIE # 46733
  • Sourav Sen, CCIE # 48697
  • Vinothkumar Chendhilkumaran, CCIE # 48622
  • Aravind Sridhar, CCIE # 48314
  • Sayan Dutta, CCIE # 47308
  • Vishal Bangia, CCIE # 46367
  • Sajid Afridi, CCIE # 45519
  • Nitin Kumar, CCIE # 40077
  • Arun Kumar, CCIE # 44730
  • Dandré Pereira, CCIE# 44521
  • Parasar Das, CCIE# 44272
  • Qingnian Wang, CCIE # 38447
  • Lianshun Li, CCIE # 43944
  • Tareq Alzamel, CCIE # 43318
  • Supakorn Visutthicho, CCIE # 43646
  • Tayfun Ediz, Triple CCIE # 23599
  • Nguyen Thai Vinh, CCIE #43238
  • Kishor Karunakaran Pillai, CCIE # 43075
  • Adel Barashed, CCIE # 43102
  • Jibran Aziz, CCIE # 42827
  • Christian Hermosura, CCIE# 42619
  • Nader Afaneh, CCIE # 42564
  • Benjamin Fu, CCIE # 42426
  • Midhun Kumar, CCIE # 42220
  • Vinay Bhardwaj, CCIE # 41909
  • Justice Anyai, CCIE # 41595
  • Adeel Akram, CCIE # 41188
  • Aqeel Ahmed, CCIE # 40975
  • Madhushan Shanmugadasan, CCIE # 40834
  • Rahul Kumar, CCIE # 40801
  • Sudhkar Bhosale, CCIE#40078
  • Mohammed Nadeem, CCIE # 40278
  • Chhatrapal Singh, CCIE# 40270
  • Sajid Iftikhar, CCIE # 40250
  • Arpan Sarkar, CCIE # 40133
  • Rinto A. P., CCIE # 39871
  • Leonard Ondeyo, CCIE # 38971
  • G. Praveen, CCIE # 36620
  • Minh Dang, CCIE # 39266
  • Muhammad Ibrahim Yaqoobi, CCIE # 39146
  • Ahmed El-Sheikh, CCIE # 38989
  • Rahul Poply, CCIE Security # 37367
  • Himanshu Sharma, CCIE Security # 37206
  • Jayant Sharma, CCIE Security # 37265
  • Kirubaharan Babu, CCIE Security # 37250
  • Saji KS, CCIE # 36989 (R&S)
  • Aseem Mehta, CCIE Security # 36955
  • Dinesh Ramesh, CCIE Security # 17891
  • Ganesh Kumar, CCIE Security # 35984
  • Anthony Sequeira, CCIE # 15626
  • Kevin Gannon, CCIE # 15386
  • Chula Bandara, CCIE # 15623
  • Young-Soo Basler, CCIE # 15629
  • Gustavo Novais, CCIE # 15622
  • Niraj Palikhey, CCIE # 15588
  • Venkat.R, CCIE # 15396
  • Jason Edelman, CCIE # 15394
  • David Browning, CCIE # 15393
  • Quad CCIE, # 12353 CCIE Security, R&S,  Service Provider, Voice


Dear all,

I passed CCIE Security Lab exam and got my third certification. (RS,SP,SEC)
Thank you for you support and quick replies.

Best wishes

Tayfun Ediz
CCIE # 23599
November 30, 2015


Hi Team,

BIG THANK YOU for all the wonderful support.
Ccierackrentals Team offer the right feature and very impressive customer service.
The support from the team was tremendous and the Rack equipments were all in excellent condition.
I would like to thank CCIE RACK RENTAL for providing me the best of the services and helping me in achieving my goal.

Vishal Bangia, CCIE # 46367
January 20, 2015

 Dear Team,

I would like to thank you

I would like to thank you for providing me with an outstanding service throughout my preparation for the CCIE Service Provided Lab exam. Your Technical Support team assistance was very prompt, which made my CCIE Journey really Incredible.

You will be my first choice when I will pursue my next CCIE in Security Track as well.

Thank you :)

Arun Kumar M, CCIE-SP# 44730
September 29, 2014

Hi Guys,

I would like to thanks the opportunity which the ccierackrentals has us proportionally maintain one lab real and costs accessible. This way we can studying of the better way.

These words are for reflecting:
The challenge is passenger but the defeat is forever.

Take the challenge and seize the opportunity !!!

Dandré Pereira, CCIE # 44521
August 31, 2014

When I started my journey for CCIE Service Provider track one of the biggest challenge was to get hands on practice on Cisco XR platform. I found your rack rental site from internet search,  one of advantage I found was flexibility to schedule and cancel rack time without loosing money. Your rack access is easy to navigate and your support level is excellent. The flexibility to reboot and troubleshoot XR router is big factor in my success.  I want to thank you for your excellent service and critical role in my success.

Parasar Das, CCIE # 44272
July 22, 2014

Hi CCIE Rack Rental, Great thanks to all your support. Excellent customer service and special thanks to David. Can't find a qualified one in China, and finally, CCIE Rack Rental helps me out.

Cheers CCIE SEC # 43944 Lianshun Li
May 30, 2014

Thank you RackRental for providing me with a stable, professional service and 24/7 support. I recommend any one wants to attempt the CCIE R&S exam to practice by their labs it was very helpful. Wish you all the best

Tareq Alzamel, CCIE # 43318
May 23, 2014

 "Thanks to this great company who is count as one of the best rack rental for R&S, Sec & SP the team here are awesome and doing great job. the price here is nice though. and helps you to achive to your goal. Thank you :)"

Adel Barashed, CCIE # 43102
April 3, 2014

"Hi CCIErackrental Team,

I would like to thank you for providing me with an outstanding service throughout my preparation for the CCIE lab exam. The noteworthy rack quality and top notched support made my journey easier. You will be my first choice when I will pursue my next CCIE track.
Once again thanks for the services and hope to get the same experience in future."

Jibran Aziz, CCIE # 42827
March 20, 2014

"Support is really great, I can go straight to my lab practice with ease, and if bump in to problems I can go to  faq or get assistance with fast support, the great thing  is that if you missed almost half of the time of your lab schedule because of some unwanted issues they give you back the credit to use it again. Thanks again your lab materials and racks are really helpfull."

Christian Hermosura
CCIE# 42619
March 4, 2014

 My heart is overwhelmed with gratitude at this juncture to achieve the most coveted CCIE certification. Your world class infrastructure & timely support aided me during the lab session.

Midhun Kumar
CCIE#42220 - Security
January 30, 2014

By using CCIERACKRENTALS i have cleared my CCIE-SP ( CCIE# 41909).

I want to thank CCIERACKRENTALS for the awesome setup they have for the Service provider track: the Racks, routers & initial configurations are superb.

I did not even feel the difference while i was giving the actual CCIE LAB at Cisco. The support is also cool, whenever i had a issue with router logins or reloads, i just made a call & someone fixed it fast.

Thank you so much.

January 10, 2014

Hi Ccierackrentals Team

I have passed CCIE R&S couple of days ago and would like to thank CCIERACKRENTALS which has made it easier for me to prepare for lab with outstanding rack service as well as always ready to response Support team.

Cceirackrentals would be my definite choice when i need to practice for my next CCIE Lab Track.

Thanks again and keep up the good work.

Aqeel Ahmed, CCIE# 40975
October 22, 2013

Hi Ccierackrental Team,

This is to inform you that today i passed my CCIE Service Provider Lab Exam.

Special Thanks to your team, I really appreciate your Service.
Practicing on Rack really helped me for my exam, You played a big role in my success.

Small suggestion to you, Please add a Blog tab in your portal so that students can share there exam reviews and Updates which will be helpful for the students thous are preparing for the exam.

Once again Thanks to your team i will suggest everyone to look at your portal.

Thanks & Regards
Mohammed Nadeem, CCIE# 40278
August 23, 2013

"Dear Support,

I am pleased to share with you that I have cleared my CCIE SP Lab this Monday in Dubai and I have got CCIE number 40250. I owe a big thank to you all for providing excellent support and infrastructure to provide me IOS XR hands-on experience to meet the Lab criteria. Although my interaction with your racks was shorter in duration but coupled with excellent and spontaneous support I was able to achieve much of my objectives from Rack rental.

Once again thanks alot for your Quality Support."

Sajid Iftikhar, CCIE # 40250
August 22, 2013

"Thank you all for the wonderful support that you all gave me when I used to practise for the lab exam. Equiptments were good, support were too good. NO words to describe how good I felt when I cleared my LAB exam. Thank You all for the support and keep up the good work."

Arpan Sarkar, CCIE # 40133
August 12, 2013

"CCIE Rack Rental is the best solution for preparation especially SP track"

Rinto A. P. - CCIE 39871 (SP)
July 19, 2013

 "First of all i would really thank you guys for showing great support for passing the lab.

I already had CCIE-RS previously(did last year) and this is my second CCIE-SP. my number is 36620. SP racks are very expensive and hard to work with unless all the hardware kits are available.You guys showed me great support for offering me discounted price and also for dedicated hardwork for customized rack build. its really great honor to work with you guys i will definitely recommend the ccierackrentals to my friends who are pursuing CCIE currenlty and also in future..

G Praveen - CCIE 36620 (RS,SP)
June 14, 2013

"I don't know how i'm glad to use CCIERACKRENTALS in my CCIE journey.. Really i found here the best support and help i ever met in my life, i felt they always seak for how to make u happy and satisfied.. Really i love this site and i recommend it to all CCIE takers... Keep the tune CCIERACKRENTALS.. You are the best in the world"

Ahmed El-Sheikh, CCIE # 38989
April 23, 2013

"I would like to thank Ccierackrentals for contributing their part in my ccie sp preparation. They made a new rack available to me at the committed date without fail. And i am certain that they offer the best rackrentals at the best price in the market. I extend my special thanks to Ann for co-ordinating with me and maintaining top communication all the time."

I am planning for CCIE R&S and will gonna come back to u soon :)"

Rakesh Aribindi
March 30, 2013

"I would like to express my gratitude for the excellent service

"Dedication, personable, knowledgeable - these are three of the words I would use to describe about CCIE Rack Rental. They were very helpful with the technical end. Mr. Lam was always very helpful to me. His personal attention to our request did not stop there. I must THANK YOU (Mr. Lam) and your organization for your friendly manner and professionalism. I have been totally impressed by the ease in which you have provided the Quality of Service to us that supports it.

Keep it Up !!!!!
Thanks & Regards"

Bala - CCIE R&S
March 25, 2013

 "I would like to thank CCIE RACK RENTAL for providing me with the great infrastructure of online security racks., the service that i got was excellent they say that quality and support services doesn't come in a single pack, but i would say that if you are with CCIE RACK RENTALS team they will help you to give their best. They are 24 hrs online so if we face any issue they will look into the matter . I am very thankful to CCIE RACK RENTALS because of them i am bale to practice my exam practicals.The scheduling and payment of online racks is also very easy . they provide you with the full documentation to how to access the racks so even for a layman it is easy to understand the things.

I would recommend CCIE RACK RENTALS to anyone who is going for their CCIE certifications.

They are just the best..


Harry Arora
September 10, 2012

"The best Online rack for R&S in the world.."

Saji KS
October 18, 2012

We are committed to providing our customers with fast, up-to-date, and reliable Cisco CCIE lab rentals for test preparation and training that bridges the gap between today and tomorrow.

"A CCIE does not necessarily make someone a good engineer. NOT having a CCIE does not necessarily make someone a bad engineer (or not as good). All we can do is strive to make ourselves individually better!"

From Scott Morris, CCIE4 (R&S/ISP-Dial/Security/Service Provider) #4713, JNCIE #153, CISSP, CCSI/JNCI-M/JNCI-J

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