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CCIE Security v4 Training

CCIE Security Training class

As everyone is aware of the fact that CCIE Security exam v4 is going to end soon (30 January 2017) and v5 is being introduced, which is said to be a whole lot different from v4. So for those candidates, who want to clear their lab in v4 itself but does not have an up to the mark preparation, an amazing opportunity is waiting on their phones’ and PCs’ screen.

Training to the candidates pursuing CCIE Security will be provided, which will prove a boon to them.

In addition, the training of all active real labs available in the market will also be provided 

and will be tried best to fully prepare the candidate to crack the exam in one attempt itself. After the preparation also if the candidate is stuck anywhere during practising, he/she will get the full support and help until He/she passes the exam. The candidates will not have to worry about the updates. He/She will be updated on time with regarding the above-mentioned aspects. The training will be fully lab exam oriented.

Moreover, this whole training will not let your budget raise high as it will be charged $500 only (per candidate). Your satisfaction will be taken care of to the full extent possible.

Mentioning it, you will be trained by a CCIE certified trainer.

If you have any further queries, please feel free to contact us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

(The above mentioned training session and promises will only be held until v4 exists i.e. 30 January 2017)

CCIE Security Version 5 Now Available!

CCIERackRentals now offers Security version 5 labs to provide a lab resource for every aspiring CCIE Security lab takers. 


Lab 1 Topology Diagram 

CCIE Secv5 Topology 1


Lab 2 Topology Diagram

CCIE Secv5 Topology 2


TS1 Topology Diagram

 CCIE Secv5 Topology TS1



Hardware Specifications

  • 2x Cisco Nexus7010 Data Center Switches
    • 1x Sup1 with 8GB Flash
    • 1x 32 Port 10GbE (F1 Module)
    • 1x 32 Port 10GbE (M1 Module)
  • 2x Nexus 5548UP switches with 16port UP expansion module
  • 2x Nexus 2248TP Fabric Extender Switches
  • Nexus 1000v Switch
  • 2x Cisco MDS 9222i
  • 2x UCS C200 Series Rackmount Servers
  • 2x UCS-6xxx Fabric Interconnects
  • 1x UCS-5108 Blade Chassis
    • B-200 Series Blades
    • Cisco 2204XP IOM
  • Dual attached JBODs
  • 2x Cisco Catalyst Switch 3750-X with NM-10G as Core Routers
  • Opengear Terminal Server

Software Versions

  • NXOS v6.x on Nexus 7000 Switches
  • NXOS v5.x on Nexus 5000 Switches
  • NXOS v4.x on Nexus 1000v
  • NXOS v5.x on MDS 9222i Switches
  • UCS Software release 2.x Fabric Interconnect

Micronics / Narbik Kocharians CCIE Security

We currently have Micronics /Narbik CCIE Security rack available for rent. To cater your needs for lab practice to help you pass with your exams, CCIE Rack Rentals now introduces our fully functional Security 4.0 rack. This rack is setup and patterned with the Narbik Kocharians Security 4.0 workbook. We guarantee that the CCIE Rack Rental hardware is new and up to date. Our hardware, IOS, and online tools will provide you a successful online learning experience to achieve your certification goals! We’re happy to help you make the most out of your online study.

Contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for more information about booking Narbik Security 4.0 rack.

Download Narbik CCIE Security 4.0 Workbook Topology (PDF)


Hardware and Technology Information:

Hostname Description
R1, R5, R6 Cisco 2811 w/ Advanced Security 15.1T IOS
R2 Cisco 3825 with IOS 15.1T Advanced Security
R3 - R4 Cisco 1921/K9 w/ 15.2(3)T1 software (ISG G2 router for latest VPN features)
SW1 - 2 Cisco Catalyst 3750-X w/ 15.0 IOS
SW3 - 4 Cisco Catalyst 3560 w/ 12.2(58)SE IOS
IPS Cisco IPS 4240 w/ 7.0(4) software
ASA1 - 2 Cisco ASA 5515-X w/ 8.6 software
WLC Cisco Air CT2504 Wireless LAN Controller
AP Cisco Aironet 1231 Wireless Access Point
ACS Cisco Secure ACS 5.4
NCS Cisco Prime Network Control System 1.1
WSA Cisco IronPort Web Security Appliance
ISE Cisco ISE 1.1
Win7 Windows 7 PC w/ WiFi
WinXP Windows XP PC
IPPhone IP Phone 7940 phone


Cisco CCIE Security 4.0 & Wireless Rack Rental

Our CCIE Security rack supports CCIE-CERT Security 4.0, Wireless, and Netmetric 4.0 lab workbooks. All rack hardware and IOS are setup according the Cisco Security 4.0 Blueprint and includes tools and software to maximize the productivity of your lab time so you can focus on learning and getting the most benefit out of your lab experience. We guarantee that our CCIE Rack Rental hardware is new and up to date. Our Cisco devices, IOS, and online tools will provide you a successful online learning experience to achieve your certification goals! We’re happy to help you make the most out of your online study.

Supported Workbooks:

  • CCIECERT v4.0
  • CCIE Security Labs 1 - 8
  • Micronics Advance Security 4.0 Workbook
  • Netmetric Solutions Labs Security

Download CCIE Security 4.0 Workbook Topology (PDF)


Security 4.0 Initial Configs Available

- ACS now upgraded to version 5.6
- Rack 20 has Cisco 3750-X switches with full IP Services license for SW5 and SW6.
- R6 has been upgraded to Cisco 2911 with VSEC bundle (Security and Unified Communications license).

Hardware and IOS Details


Hardware Devices Installed

Software Version

R1 - R3 Cisco 3825 Integrated Services Routers (ISR) 15.1(3)T Adv Ent Srvc
R4 - R5, BB1 Cisco 2811 Integrated Services Routers (ISR) 15.1(3)T Adv Ent Srvc
R6 Cisco 2911 Integrated Services Routers (ISR G2) 15.3(2)T w/ VSEC Bundle
SW1 - SW4 Cisco Catalyst 3560 switches 12.2(55) Adv IP Srvc
SW5 - SW6 Cisco Catalyst 3750-X switches
15.0(2)SE2 OS
IPS Cisco IPS 4255 Intrusion Prevention System 7.1 OS
ASA1 - ASA2 Cisco ASA 5515-X Adaptive Security Appliances 8.6 IOS
ASA3 - ASA4 Cisco ASA 5510 Adaptive Security Appliances 8.4 and 8.2 IOS
WLC Cisco Aironet 2504 Wireless LAN Controller 7.4 OS
AP1 - AP2 Cisco Aironet 1242 Wireless Access Point 124-21a.JA2
ACS Cisco Secure ACS 5.3 v5.3
NCS Cisco Prime Network Control System 1.1 1.1 OS
ISE1, ISE2, ISE3 Cisco ISE 3300 Series Identity Services Engine 1.1.0 OS
WSA Ironport WSA S-series Web Security Appliance 7.1 OS
IP Phone Cisco 7940 IP Phone 1242 LAPP
AD Windows 2003 server 2003 R2
PC1, PC2, PC3 3 Windows Workstations for testing VPN, IP Phone & WiFi Windows 7

Software Installed

  • Cisco VPN Client Software v5.x
  • Cisco AnyConnect VPN Client v3.x
  • Cisco Adaptive Security Device Manager (ASDM)
  • IPS Manager Express (IME)

Remote Control Tools

  • All routers can be controlled over the Internet using Telnet or SSH protocols. Use any telnet client of your choice. We recommend SecureCRT, Putty, or TeraTerm.
  • Remote control Windows server and desktops with fast and easy to use Microsoft Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP) client.
  • Each device is connected to our easy to use, web based Remote Power Control (RPC) system allowing instant access to power cycle each device.

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