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Upgrade to CCIE Service Provider v4.0 in the works. Check back for updates.

CCIE Service Provider v3.0 Lab

All hardware is real. No virtual routers. GNS3 can not run all the features you need to practice for the real lab exam. Use the only CCIE rack provider gives you all genuine Cisco hardware you need to work with.

Our CCIE Service Provider v3.0 rack supports the following workbooks:
          CCIE CERT, Real Lab Workbook, Cisco Learning Network, PCL, and Perfect Solutions.

UPDATED: Rack 31 and 33 has VPLS support on R1 and R3.


Download CCIE Service Provider 3.0 Workbook Topology

CCIE-Service-Provider-3.0-Workbook-Topology-01 CCIE-Service-Provider-3.0-Workbook-Topology-02 CCIE-Service-Provider-3.0-Workbook-Topology-03 CCIE-Service-Provider-3.0-Workbook-Topology-04

* Support staff saves only the blank.cfg file to each router and switch on the Service Provider rack.
There are many initial configs configs saved to the flash of each device.
These files are all saved there by other customers, not by support staff.

IPv4 Diagrams

Lab 3.1 IPv4 Diagram

Lab 3.2-3 IPv4 Diagram

Lab 3.4-5 IPv4 Diagram *

Lab 3.6 IPv4 Diagram


 Lab 3.1, 3.2, 3.3, 3.4,
<<   3.5 & 3.6 Diagrams   >>

CCIE Service Provider v3 Lab Diagrams

IPv6 Diagrams

Lab 3.1 IPv6 Diagram

Lab 3.2-3 IPv6 Diagram

Lab 3.4-5 IPv6 Diagram

Lab 3.6 IPv6 Diagram


Our service provider rack is currently loaded with:

  • Four (4) IOS XR 12400 series routers with IOS-XR 3.9.1
  • Three (3) ME3400G switches
  • One (1) Catalyst 3560 switch
  • Twelve (12) Cisco 7206VXR routers (all real Cisco hardware) for R5 - R16
  • Eight (8) Cisco 2811 for edge routers (R17 - 24)
  • Two easy to use, web based Remote Power Controllers to remotely power cycle routers and switches

Hardware and IOS Details

Hostname Platform Feature Set and IOS Version Modules
(X)R1 - (X)R4 Cisco GSR 12410 IOS XR 3.9.1 w/ MPLS,
MCAST & K9 Sec packages
- 4GE-SFP-LC gigabit line cards
R5 - R16 Cisco 7206VXR Advanced Enterprise 12.2-33 SR - NPG-G1 engine with 3 gigabit ports
- PA-4T+ four port serial modules
R17 - R24 Cisco 2811 Advanced Enterprise Services - WIC-1T
SW1 - SW3 Cisco ME3400 Metro IP Access 12.2-58 SE2  
SW4 Cisco 3560 Advanced IP Services 12.2  
FRS Frame Relay Switch Advanced Enterprise 12.4   

Additonal Connections Not Listed in Topology Diagram

R6 S2/3 DCE R24 S0/3/0 DTE
R7 S2/3 DCE R22 S0/3/0 DTE
R10 S2/0 DCE  R21 S0/1/0 DTE

Rack 30 (currently offline) has simultaneous core and edge support on R2 and R3 to support VPLS.

Current Rack Time