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Please include your rack number in your correspondence to expedite request.

Setup Guide - CCIE Rack Rental Etiquette

CCIE Rack Rental has its best interest to make your online learning a success. Hence, we have developed this section to provide you with best practices that will make your tasks easy and fast. Please take a moment to read CCIE Rack Rental Rack Etiquette.

Please read the entire Setup Guide before the start of your session as it will save you a lot of time troubleshooting later on. Also go through our FAQs as they also contain important information on how to work with our equipment.

For dedicate rack rentals, please power off your rack when not in use by clicking on the [All outlets OFF] or OFF link on the Remote Power Controller(s). This is to help reduce heat and power consumption and will help to ensure your dedicated rack rental fees are as low as possible. The Remote Power Controller article contains instructions on how to turn on and turn off the rack equipment.

Is the rack on? Your rack may be turned off. If there is no response from the routers or switches after connecting to them, then the equipment may be turned off. Follow the instructions in the Remote Power Controller instructions to turn them on.


For Security Racks: Do not change the IPS, WSA, ISE, WLC, AP, or ACS password for the default "cisco" or "admin" user.

Do NOT put password on R1 - R6 and SW1 - SW6. If you must put a password on the router or switch, make the username cisco (if applicable) and password cisco or Cisco123. Also please remove the password before the end of your session.

Do NOT lock out R4, SW6 or any other router or switch with global AAA authentication. If setting up AAA authentication, first specify no authentication needed for line console 0 or else the router will be locked out. If you do lock out R4, please unlock it following the %Authentication failed recovery procedure before the end of your session. Here are the commands to prevent the router from being locked out. Use this right after the aaa new-model command, before enabling any other AAA authentication features.

aaa authentication login NONE1 none
line con 0
 login authentication NONE1

Do NOT set "no exec" command on line console 0 of the routers or switch. Doing so will result in lost of control of the router or switch as the "no exec" command prevents console input from being received. You will see the device boot up but you will not be able to get to the command prompt. Be careful that it is not in your initial config's as well. If this happens, use the %Authentication failed recovery procedure to bypass the startup-config or flash:config.text file and restore the equipment to working order. (Note: The "no exec" command is different from the exec-timeout 0 0 command. The exec-timeout 0 0 command is O.K.).

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