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When Contacting Support

Please include your rack number in your correspondence to expedite request.

Using the Remote Power Controller

For 12 and 24 hour dedicate rack rentals, please power off your rack when not in use by clicking on the [All outlets OFF] link on the Remote Power Controller(s). This is to help reduce heat and power consumption and will help to ensure your dedicated rack rental fees are as low as possible.

Turning On, Turning Off, or Power Cycling Entire Rack or Individual Devices

IS THE RACK ON? Your rack may be turned off. If there is no response from the routers or switches after connecting to them, then the equipment may be turned off. Follow the instructions below to turn them on.

Our CCIE Rack Rental Remote Power Controller enables you to remotely power cycle the entire rack with just one click or to power cycle a select group of routers or switches. The Remote Power Controller has a web-based interface which allows you to access it using your favorite web browser.

The URL and log-in credentials is different for each rack. After login into your telnet session, the welcome banner will display the URL, user-name, and password to your specific remote power controller. At the start of your session, use this information to power cycle all devices which will clear their configs and give you a clean start on your rack.

rpc login 

CCIE Rack Rental Welcome Banner after Telnet log-in with RPC log-in details for Rack 1 highlighted in yellow.

After login in to the power controller, click on the [Cycle all outlets] link to power cycle the entire rack or click on the [Cycle] link next the the group of devices you wish to power cycle. To turn the entire rack off or on, click on the [All outlets OFF] or [All outlets ON] link respectively.

rpc page

WARNING: Entering the wrong log-in credentials to many time will result in a wrong password lockout on the remote power controller. In this case, wait a few minutes and try again with the correct log-in info displayed on the welcome banner of your telnet session.




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