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Reset WSA, ISE, ACS and Windows 7 VPN Workstation to Default Settings

* Security 4.0 Racks Only *

The WSA, ISE1 - 3, and the Windows 7 VPN Workstation can be restored to initial config by resetting them using the VMware vSphere client. This procedure reverts the settings back to basic initial configs with IP address, default gateway, DNS server entry and host name.

To restore the Windows 7 IP Phone + WiFi PC to default settings, simply double-click on the Restart Computer file on the desktop to restart that computer or power cycle the computer using the Remote Power Controller.

  1. Remote desktop to the Windows 2003 Server. For instructions on how to connect to this computers see the Setup Guide article Remote Desktop to Windows Server and Workstations. The username and password is the same as your telnet log in. Be sure to select the "CCIERACKRENTAL" domain and not the local computer during login. The option to select the proper domain is right under the password prompt.


  2. Once logged into the Windows 2003 Server, go to the desktop and open the VMware vSphere Client to bring up the vSphere login window. The IP address, User name, and Password is displayed in the Telnet login banner. Go back to the beginning of your Telnet session or open a new one to view this information and enter it into the vSphere Client login prompt.


  3. The vSphere Client management window should then appear. If the screen does not look like the screenshot below and you see an Inventory icon instead, click on the Inventory icon first to reach the screen shown below. Next click on the "+" (plus) signs to expand the directory tree. Then right click on either the appliance or Windows machine you want to restore and select Power > Reset. Wait a minute or two for it to restart and then connect to appliance or Windows machine once again with settings restored to default.


  4. OPTIONAL STEP: Right click on the appliance and select Open Console or on select the Console tab to view the appliance as if you were sitting in front of it on a LCD monitor. This is an alternative way of accessing the appliance without having to use Telnet and the terminal server.

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