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When Contacting Support

Please include your rack number in your correspondence to expedite request.

Telnet / SSH Access to Terminal Server

Any telnet client can be used to connect to our racks. We recommend SecureCRT or PuTTY. SecureCRT is a commercial product but is well worth it due to it's time saving features. All devices can be connected to and login automated with SecureCRT 5.5 or above. If you use SecureCRT, please see our SecureCRT Setup guide after reading this this page for our SecureCRT configuration template. PuTTY is free and is available for download at:
Is the rack on? Your rack may be turned off. If there is no response from the routers or switches after connecting to them, then the equipment may be turned off. Follow the instructions in the Remote Power Controller instructions to turn them on.

% Connection refused by remote host? Please see this FAQ page: % Connection refused by remote host. You will most likely need to clear all the lines at the beginning of your session so please read the % Connection refused by remote host FAQ.

Telnet /SSH IP Address and Port Number

You should be sent Telnet / SSH login, connection IP / Hostname and port number shortly after your first order. Just in case you have not received your login info, please don't wait until a few minutes before your session starts. Notify us right away.

NOTE: Hostnames and port numbers have been removed from public website. Contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to get connection info.

Rack Number Hostname / IP Address Telnet Port SSH Port
Racks 1 - 9
Use Remote Desktop
Racks 10 - 11 RDP and Telnet/
SSH Available
Contact Support
Rack 20
RDP and Telnet/
SSH Available
Contact Support
Rack 30, 31, 32, 33
RDP and Telnet/
SSH Available
Contact Support

Only use SSH if you are using Putty and want Putty to save the username and password for you (to automate login). Otherwise use Telnet since SSH takes longer time to setup and may require troubleshooting to get it working.

How to Setup Telnet Connection Video

Tip: Open a new telnet window or tab for each device you want to connect to.

Once telnet connection to the terminal server is established, you will see a login banner similar to this one:

****                                  ****
****                  For Authorized Access Use Only!                  ****
****         Unauthorized access will be logged! Please logout.        ****
****                                                                   ****
****           For support email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.           ****
****            For sales contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.            ****
****           or visit for live chat          ****
****                                                                   ****
****            -^ ^- We are here to help you succeed! -^ ^-           ****

                  ### Please include your rack number ###
            ### when contacting support to expedite request ###
<> Do not delete IOS from flash or credits will be deducted from account <>

User Access Verification


You should have received an email with your rack username and password. Use that log-in to gain access to the terminal server. Your telnet log-in is entirely separate from your website login. Access is only enabled during your scheduled session. The rest of the time there will be an "% Authentication failed" message.

Connecting to Routers and Switches

After log-in into the terminal server, please read the information displayed in the welcome banner. It contains important info such as how to clear the config on all the devices and log-in info for the remote power controller and any other special log-ins for your rack.

From the terminal server, access the devices simply by typing the host name of the router or switch you want to connect to.

Trying R1 (, 2002)... Open


To view host names available use the show host command:

Rack-1#show host
Default domain is
Name/address lookup uses static mappings

Codes: UN - unknown, EX - expired, OK - OK, ?? - revalidate
       temp - temporary, perm - permanent
       NA - Not Applicable None - Not defined

Host                      Port  Flags      Age Type   Address(es)
R1                        2002  (perm, OK)  0   IP
R2                        2003  (perm, OK)  0   IP
R3                        2004  (perm, OK)  0   IP
R4                        2005  (perm, OK)  0   IP
R5                        2006  (perm, OK)  0   IP
R6                        2007  (perm, OK)  0   IP
SW1                       2008  (perm, OK)  0   IP
SW2                       2009  (perm, OK)  0   IP
SW3                       2010  (perm, OK)  0   IP
SW4                       2011  (perm, OK)  0   IP
BB1                       2012  (perm, OK)  0   IP
BB2                       2013  (perm, OK)  0   IP
BB3                       2014  (perm, OK)  0   IP
IPS                       2015  (perm, OK)  0   IP
ASA1                      2016  (perm, OK)  0   IP
ASA2                      2017  (perm, OK)  0   IP
FRS                       2018  (perm, OK)  0   IP

Tip: Other useful commands to navigate a telnet session are resume (r), show sessionsclear lineshow linedisconnect, and reload. For more information on how to use these commands, read the Frequently Asked Questions article "% Connection refused by remote...".

There is no privilege / enable access to the terminal server. The terminal server is simply a device used to telnet to your lab equipment. It is not part of the lab itself.

Common Issues

% Connection refused by remote host

A common issue with reverse telnet connections is the "% Connection refused by remote host" message. This occurs when trying to connect to a session that is still in progress or was not properly closed with the "disconnect" command.

Trying R1 (, 2002)...
% Connection refused by remote host


To resolve this issue. plase view the Frequently Ask Questions page titled "% Connection refused by remote...".

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