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Sample WLC Configuration Wizard Walkthrough

* Security 4.0 Racks Only *

If you need help answering the questions for the Wireless LAN Controller Cisco Wizard Configuration Tool, then take a look at this sample to help you get through the wizard.

For the  Administrative User Name, please enter cisco and for the password enter Cisco123 so other uesr can log into the WLC.

Welcome to the Cisco Wizard Configuration Tool
Use the '-' character to backup

Would you like to terminate autoinstall? [yes]:

System Name [Cisco_67:89:84] (31 characters max): WLC
AUTO-INSTALL: process terminated -- no configuration loaded

Enter Administrative User Name (24 characters max): cisco
Enter Administrative Password (3 to 24 characters): Cisco123
Re-enter Administrative Password : Cisco123

Enable Link Aggregation (LAG) [yes][NO]: yes

Management Interface IP Address:
Management Interface Netmask:
Management Interface Default Router:
Management Interface VLAN Identifier (0 = untagged): 7 (requires connection to trunk port) or use 0
Management Interface Port Num [1 to 4]: 1
Management Interface DHCP Server IP Address:

Virtual Gateway IP Address:

Multicast IP Address: or try

Mobility/RF Group Name: cisco

Network Name (SSID): ciscotest

Configure DHCP Bridging Mode [yes][NO]:

Allow Static IP Addresses [YES][no]:

Configure a RADIUS Server now? [YES][no]: no
Warning! The default WLAN security policy requires a RADIUS server.
Please see documentation for more details.

Enter Country Code list (enter 'help' for a list of countries) [US]:

Enable 802.11b Network [YES][no]:
Enable 802.11a Network [YES][no]:
Enable 802.11g Network [YES][no]:
Enable Auto-RF [YES][no]:

Configure a NTP server now? [YES][no]: no
Configure the system time now? [YES][no]: yes
Enter the date in MM/DD/YY format: 10/01/13
Enter the time in HH:MM:SS format: 00:00:00

Configuration correct? If yes, system will save it and reset. [yes][NO]: yes

Configuration saved!
Resetting system with new configuration...

Current Rack Time